The Largest Manufacturer of Resin Coated Sand in India.
Its capability comprises of Shree Satya Minerals Pvt. Ltd. located in Pirangut Dist., Pune & Shree Satya Silica Pvt. Ltd., Phondaghat, Ratnagiri District & Lakshmi Shell Industries, Gokul Shirgaon, Kolhapur.  
Highlights of our Silica Sand  
  • Silica content in our sand > 99%
  • Silica Sand is clay free.
  • 70% to 80% of the sand grains are rounded & rest are sub-angular.
Highlights of Resin Coated Sand  
  • Our RCS by intermediate is produced by intermediate not coating process.
  • C.T.S. is 30 to 35% higher than H.T.S.
  • Sand has very good flowability.
  • Cold Bending Strength is 65% to 75 % higher than Hot Bending Strength.
  • We can give RCS from 40 AFS to 120 AFS.
  • Our RCS has good collapsibility even for Aluminium casting.
  • There is through curing of the cores.
  • Special RCS with C.T.S. 70% to 80% higher than H.T.S.
  • We can give 80% to 90% of RCS in 3 sieves distribution for better Surface finish and improved collapsibility.
At present we have a capacity of RCS 1500 tons /month & to be augmented 3000 tons/month in the near future. Currently we are supplying about 1200 tons/month of RCS. The washing capacity is 80 Tons/shift.  
Laboratory Facilities  
Well equipped lab to check all critical properties of incoming raw materials and finished products. As well as Hot Bending & Cold Bending strengths are tested on George Fischer Universal Testing Machine. Dietert Hot Tensile Testing Machine and Dilatometer for checking expansion of RCS.  
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