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Shree Satya Minerals Pvt. Ltd.  
Shree Satya Minerals Pvt. Ltd. was established at Pirangut, Pune dist. in December 2002 to manufacture RCS by intermediate Hot Coating Process. This is fully automatic unit with PLC controls and bucket conveyor systems. The sand is dried by LPG gas which does not contaminate the sand like other fuels. The plant is equipped with Elektromag sand separator machine. All exports of RCS are done from this unit  
Shree Satya Silica Pvt. Ltd.  
All the sand is worked in our Dorr Oliver sand washing and grading Plant. This plant is equipped with the pioneering world famous engineering industry M/s. Dorr Oliver sand washing and grading mechanism plant, which is a fully automated plant & the grading is done by Jet-Sizer. The capacity of this plant to wash sand is 80 tons/shift. This plant is located in the Phondaghat region, which is surrounded by silica deposits where SiO2 contents are greater than 99%, which can be used for Glass and Foundry Industry.  
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