Shree Satya Minerals Pvt. Ltd. This unit was established at Pirangut, Pune dist. in December 2002 to manufacture RCS by intermediate Hot Coating Process.

Shree Satya Silica Pvt. Ltd. the sand is worked in our Dorr Oliver sand washing and grading Plant. This plant is equipped with the pioneering world famous engineering industry M/s. Dorr Oliver sand washing and grading mechanism plant, which is a fully automated plant & the grading is done by Jet-Sizer.

Our Experience
Mr. Sudama Janwalikar:
Our Senior Director Mr. Sudama Janwalikar has been dealing in raw Silica Sand for more than 50 years now and has very good experience about the quality and types of sand available from different mines in India and their blending together to make raw sand suitable for the manufacture of Resin Coated Sand for various applications and alloys to produce quality castings.
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