BLG Grades
BLG Grade for Cast Iron/ S.G. Iron/ Alloy Cast Iron
It is suitable for Turbine housing castings where the thickness of the core varies from
3" to ½ ". The cores will not break when the casting is poured. Also suitable for Valve Guide, Rocker Arm, Crankshaft, Camshaft etc. The sand exhibits slow rate of gas evolution.
  For Stack Moulding Moulding by Dump Box
Hot Tensile Strength 24 to 28 kgs/cm2 32 to 36 kgs/cm2
Cold Tensile Strength 40 to 42 Kgs/cm2 48 to 52 Kgs/cm2
Loss on Ignition 3.5% Max 4.5% Max
Gas Content /gm. of sand 16 to 18c.c. 18 to 22c.c.
Low Nitrogen < 0.02% < 0.02%
Build Up   50% to 55% for mould size of 18" X 24"
Good H.T.S. and gives high C.T.S.
Breakages of cores is reduced and so sand consumption is reduced.
Good surface finish very near to investment casting.
Low gas & Low Nitrogen content.
Cores do not crack while joining by screws.
No porosity in the cores as the sand has good flowability.
Rejections are very low.
This grade is suitable for Body Spool Casting, Rocker Arm, Water Jacket, Camshaft,
Crankshaft, Tappet, Turbine Housing, Valve Guide.
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