LNC Grades

Import Substitute Grade for Steel Casting/ Alloy Cast Iron/ S.G. Iron

This Grade is suitable for Alloy Steel Castings, such as Tooth Points, Anchors, Valve Bodies. The sand has low nitrogen content and gives good surface finish. The sand exhibits slow rate of gas evolution.
  Moulding by Dump Box For Stack Moulding
Hot Tensile Strength 32 to 36 kgs/cm2 20 to 22 kgs/cm2
Cold Tensile Strength 50 to 54 Kgs/cm2 30 to 34 Kgs/cm2
Loss on Ignition 4.5% Max 3.5% Max
Gas Content /gm. of sand 18 to 22c.c.-Low N2 12 to 14c.c.-Low N2
Peel Back Nil Nil
AFS 60 - 65 or as desired 60 - 65 or as desired
Build Up 52% to 56%  
Stick Point 100 to 101*C 100 to 101*C
This Grade of sand has been developed by us for steel foundries which was previously imported from Hepworth England & Bakelite Hylam Spain.
The ejection of the moulds is smooth & there are no sub-surface cracks in the moulds.
Surface finish of the moulds and the castings is good.
Flowability of the sand is excellent, with good compactness, good build up and no peel back.
During pouring it will withstand thermal shock and the moulds will not crack during pouring.
Very low Nitrogen content N2<0.02%
Cold Tensile Strength is 40% to 50% higher than Hot Tensile Strength.
Special RCS with C.T.S. 70% to 80% higher than H.T.S.
We can give 80% to 90% of RCS in 3 sieves distribution for better Surface finish and improved collapsibility.
This grade is suitable for castings such as Tooth Points, Side Cutters, Valve bodies, Small Anchors etc.
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